The Informal History editorial board is excited to introduce themselves to the community through a new podcast launched in late April of 2020.  The podcast is envisioned as an expansion of our print edition, bringing to the community the voices of those who have or will be published in Informal History St. Louis’s print edition. This platform gives  contributors the opportunity to expand upon their 1000-word essays, broadening our understanding of St. Louis and the lived experience of those who call this town home.

The podcast also offers an opportunity for the publication to explore topics outside of our conception of “contemporary” St. Louis history, bringing on-air historians and those with lived experience relating to topics of civil rights to public health and education. This is especially relevant to the moment—as we grapple with the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak and seek to find connections to the past.

Lastly, the podcast offers individual editorial board members the freedom to pursue their own interpretation of “contemporary St. Louis history,” from perspectives of interest to their own background or field of study such as that of the LGBTQ, Jewish and African American communities.

We hope you’ll also check out our Patreon page, which offers for as low as $3 a month access to subscriber-only episodes and the opportunity to participate in future Q&A Zooms with the editors of and contributors featured in Informal History St. Louis.